New Video: Asher Roth “Mommydog”

Last year, Asher Roth moved back to Philly — not only to immerse himself in the local music scene, but to be a positive force in his community and to be closer to his family and friends. His latest track, “Mommydog,” which features vocals from CJ Smith and production by Rob Deckhart, is a heartfelt soundtrack to that homecoming.

If the song itself doesn’t leave you feeling all sentimental, the accompanying video will as we see candid shots of Asher spending quality time with his family (including his adorable niece). Sure, his mainstream popularity may have waned post “I Love College,” but clearly Asher Roth has found a happy and healthy balance in life.

“The connection with a parent, sibling or close friend is hard to find in the wild,” he says. “‘Mommydog’ celebrates the household and encourages you to make a home, wherever you are.”

Watch after the jump…

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