Chief U. Renee Hall Finally Fires Amber Guyger ‘In The Interest Of Justice’

Amber Guyger Fired

DALLAS, TEXAS — This process was like pulling teeth without meds, but moments ago, the Dallas Police Department announced Amber Guyger’s termination.


The Dallas Police Department released a statement on Monday, September 24, regarding the termination of Amber Guyger — the woman who shot and killed Botham Jean in his apartment, reportedly claiming she thought she had walked into her own apartment.

In the statement, the department mentions as follows.

“Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall terminated Police Officer Amber Guyger, , during a hearing held on September 24, 2018.”

“An internal affairs investigation concluded that on September 9, 2018, Officer Guyger, 10702, engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for Manslaughter,” the statement reads.


So, she was fired for “adverse conduct” from when they came to arrest her?

It’s just poor wording on the department’s part.

NOTE: From various search results, “adverse conduct” can be anything that would place the department at risk or in a compromising position. And certainly shooting a man center-mass then claiming you thought you were in your own apartment (a bogus-a** story from the jump), THEN lying about what happened all along the way…could definitely be seen as “adverse conduct.”

Via Twitter, one of our journalists reached out to Dallas PD for clarification. However, the department has yet to respond.

Dallas News reports that Guyger had engaged in “adverse conduct” when she was charged with manslaughter three days after the shooting.

Still, it’s ambiguous.

Is the manslaughter charge — itself — the adverse conduct? Or did she act a fool when the department came to arrest her?

“Officer Guyger was terminated for her actions,” the department’s statement continues. “She was hired in November 2013 and was assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division.”

Also included in the statement, Guyger has the ability to appeal her termination.

According to Dallas News, the mayor says that firing Amber Guyger was the “right decision in the interest of justice.”

The source says Chief Hall fired Guyger shortly before attending a City Council Public Safety & Criminal Justice Committee hearing.

However, the subject was brought to light when council member Kevin Felder asked the chief to clarify hearsay that the officer had, indeed, been fired.

“That is a true statement,” Hall replied.

So, it seems that she COULD “discipline” Amber Guyger after all — a contradiction from the chief’s previous statement regarding why the officer was still employed with the department last week.

Before, Chief Hall stated that it wasn’t legal for her to discipline the officer by running an internal investigation alongside the Texas Rangers’s criminal investigation.

[Maury voice] But it seems that, too, was a lie.

This is an ongoing investigation, and we’ll continue providing you with coverage as details surface.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about this situation. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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