“Baggage Service Becky” Who Was In The Wrong Calls Cops On Black Passenger

All she wanted was information about a manager so she could make a claim about her ripped suitcase. 

Her Suitcase Was Ripped

But a woman named Arlene says her simple inquiry led to an employee calling the police on her. 

The businesswoman discovered her suitcase was ripped during her Delta Airlines flight from Kentucky to Massachusetts on August 28. So she went to the customer service desk to see what could be done about it.

A manager arrives to speak to Arlene but is quickly called to a medical emergency. So he leaves her with a Delta employee. Arlene fills out a claim, but before leaving asks for the name of the manager for future reference.

But the employee named Teddra – hilariously nicknamed “Baggage Service Becky” online – refuses to give it to her.

She told Arlene that it was against Delta policy to give out names. In footage recorded by Arlene, she asks “Baggage Service Becky” for a business card or where she could find the manager later to talk to him. But Becky refused to help and stood firm in declining to give her any information.

“He’s not going to be able to come back down here,” the employee told Arlene, who responded, “But I need his name for my claim.” After noticing she was on candid camera – the Delta employee decided to call her friends in blue.  

“Hey, Frank, it’s Teddra. Can I have the state police in baggage, please?” she says. “I have a lady who is in my face recording me and won’t leave the office.”

Delta Told Her To Take Down The Video

In a statement shared on Twitter, Arlene says she felt “humiliated” and believes the employee’s resistance to help was “racially motivated.”

“I have never been so humiliated in my life,” wrote the founder of Your Weave Dealer.com. “I was afraid when she called the state trooper, given all the unarmed police shooting in the world we live in.”

After releasing the video, which has since gone viral, Arlene claims Delta asked her to remove it. 

Arlene told her followers a corporate executive contacted her about the situation. “[The executive] informed me she had spoken with customer service representative, Teddra, and that Delta does not believe the incident was racially motivated,” she wrote.

“I asked her why did Teddra Hegel call the police, she said she didn’t know what to do – she should have called the manager as requested. As a gesture they offered to pay for my bag and give me a $300 credit to the airline, which I declined. I will continue to spread awareness, and it is my hope that this doesn’t happen to anyone again.”

A spokesperson sent the following message to Yahoo Lifestyle: “We apologize to this customer for her experience in the Boston baggage service office and Delta is in contact with her to better understand what transpired. We take situations like these seriously and we are working directly with this customer to use this as an opportunity to learn from her experience and improve on future customer interactions.”

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