Tragic…..16 Year-Old Teen Gunned Down As He Changed His Tire

Amauri Green (Screenshot of Go Fund Me)

Amauri Green was on his way to pick up his sister from work when he experienced some car trouble. He was on the phone with his father as he was asked to pick up his sisters. Seconds later, his father discovered that Amauri was dead.

Detroit father Michael Green is devastated over the loss of his son, 16 year-old Amauri Green. Just seconds before Amauri was killed, his father was on the phone with him.

Crazy, crazy. I got the news, and I was just crushed, Michael Green, Amauri’s dad, said to Click On Detroit.

Amauri Green was a happy, fun-loving teen that touched everyone he met. On the day of his death, August 24th, he was on his way to pick up his sisters when he realized that he had a flat tire. In fact, Amauri was on the phone with his dad just minutes before he was gunned down.

He said, ‘Give me a second, I got a flat tire,’ and I said, okay, call me right back.’ As soon as I hung up the phone, seconds later, my sister called screaming saying my son was shot, Michael Green said.

Not only was Amauri shot but his 15 year-old friend was shot too. Sadly, Amauri Green died on the scene, according to police. His friend has been recovering at a hospital.

Like many of us, the 15 year-old’s father, Larry Johnson, doesn’t understand why his son and his son’s friend was shot. It makes no sense as investigators became to work hard to figure out what led someone to shooting to teen boys.

I really don’t understand this, it’s senseless, it’s a senseless shooting, the whole thing, Larry Johnson, Devin’s dad, told Click On Detroit.

It appears that just before the shooting, the two teens were involved in an dispute with 2 men in a t-shirt store.

Just Before The Shooting, The Teens Were Involved In An Altercation:

According to Fox 2 Detroit, Amauri’s 15 year-old friend testified about what happened to him and his friend, Amauri. He claims that he and Amauri were in a t-shirt shop when they encountered Jeremy Cooley, 31, and Deangelo Sanchez Alexander, 18. Cooley allegedly accused the 15 year-old boy of staring at him and this angered him.

He looked at me and was like you got a problem? But I was on the phone so I didn’t really hear him. I was like who are you talking to? the 15-year-old victim testified on Thursday.

Deangelo Alexander, left, and Jeremy Cooley

Thinking there were no problems, Amauri and his friend left the store. However, 45 minutes later, prosecutors say the two men pulled up to the two teens while they had been changing a flat tire and started firing.

I started running and noticed my arm was bleeding and then noticed I was shot, the 15-year-old said.

Officials say Cooley drove the vehicle while Alexander shot the teens as they changed a flat tire. Both Cooley and Alexander were ordered to trial on all charges and face life in prison. Cooley and Alexander have been charged with first degree premeditated murder, assault with intent to murder, and felony firearm in the death of a 16-year-old male and the shooting of a 15-year-old male.


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