Man Charged w/ Murder After Mom Makes Gruesome Discovery In His Room

A 24-year-old man is now facing murder charges following the gruesome discovery his mom uncovered in his room. According to ABC13, the body of 23-year-old Irene Yemitan, was found in a recycling bin inside the house. It has been reported that the murder suspect – identified as Alex Akpan of Houston, TX – is now facing a capital murder charge for the woman’s death.

Recycling Bins and Body Parts:

Of course, Akpan’s mother had been in his room countless times but on this particular day, she happened to notice that the recycling bin normally kept outside, had been moved into his room. Perplexed by her son’s actions, she opened the bin and was immediately shocked by what she saw.

According to court records, Akpan’s mother saw a foot inside the bin and when she tipped it open she saw the rest of the woman’s body. “She tipped the bin over and saw a black female inside,” reads the warrant.

She immediately called her ex-husband and he rushed over to the house. They reportedly attempted to perform CPR, but to no avail. That’s when they called 911. Officers and investigators with the Houston Police Department arrived at the home. Based on a quick examination of Yemitan’s body, investigators noted that while she didn’t have signs of trauma, her eyes indicated that she was likely strangled. The coroner later confirmed her cause of death was due to strangulation.

Right now, it is still unclear how Akpan and Yemitan actually became acquainted, but it has been reported that the two had met just days before he allegedly murdered her.


Behind Bars:

According to ABC13, Akpan has been arrested and charged with tampering with evidence of a human corpse and posted a $10,000 bond. But on Wednesday, September 12, he was arrested again on a capital murder charge. When the coroner examined Yemitan’s body, it was confirmed that her death was the result of strangulation.

With the capital murder charge, Akpan’s bond was set at $250,000, but prosecutors are arguing that he should be considered a flight risk. For this reason, his bond needs to be increased to $500,000. However, his attorney is arguing otherwise.

Akpan is being held on $250,000 bond. Prosecutors requested double that amount, because they said he was a flight risk. Officers learned that the family was planning to send him to Nigeria, where he has family, the prosecutor said. The prosecutor described Akpan as an ‘extreme danger to community,’ and said that he threatened his sister in 2017 with a firearm. That charge was dismissed at his sister’s request, the prosecutor said. reports that Akpan’s attorney requested for the judge to lower his bond, but to no avail. Although prosecutors see him as a flight risk, his attorney has explained why it’s not likely he would flee.

After Akpan’s attorney asked for a lowered bail amount, the judge held Akpan’s bail at $250,000 for the murder charge and $10,000 for the tampering with evidence charge. Akpan’s attorney said state prosecutors unfairly categorized his client as a flight risk. State prosecutors said they had information Akpan might go to Nigeria, where he has family, however, Akpan’s passport has been expired for about 10 years, his attorney said.

Alex Akpan is scheduled for another court appearance on Friday, September 21.

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