5 Year-Old Killed And Her Mother Was Shot 17 Times After An Argument Turned Deadly

Dejiza Coleman is in the hospital for fighting for her life as she was reportedly shot 17 times. According to Click On Detroit, Coleman was shot following an alleged argument with her sister. As Coleman fights to stay alive, she is grieving the loss of her 5 year-old daughter who was killed execution style.

Two sisters, Dejiza and Mckayla Coleman, lived together in the same home and they were at odds. It’s unsure what the two sisters were arguing about. Apparently, the Coleman sisters had serious problems with one another. Two sisters arguing isn’t uncommon but these sisters took their beef to a different level. Despite what the media is reporting, their mother, Ke’li Coleman, spoke with Fox 2 News and shared that the sisters were not at odds all the time.

They try to spin it like her and her sister argue all the time … like they never got along. That’s not true. Just because a couple of neighbors heard a couple of arguments between sisters does not mean that that’s all that they do,  Ke’li Coleman said.

While Ke’li Coleman is stating that her daughters had normal sibling rivalry, the Detroit Police Department is painting another picture. Detroit Police Chief James Craig stated in a press conference that Dejiza and Mckayla Coleman had an ongoing feud that turned deadly.

We know that it was an ongoing family dispute among sisters, Craig said. We believe that’s part of this tragedy. Neighbors of the girl and her mother told police the two sisters had argued hours before the shooting, Craig stated.

Mother And Daughter Were Shot Execution Style:

On Thursday evening, WXYZ news stated that Dejiza Coleman and her 5 year-old daughter, Isabella Coleman, were ambushed as they laid in the bed. Officials said a masked gunman stood over Isabella Coleman around 10 p.m. Thursday while she was in bed with her mother. Isabella’s mother, Dejiza Coleman, was shot 17 times, according to authorities. Sadly, the gunman then shot Isabella, killing her, according to Detroit police Chief James Craig.

(Police) placed the 5-year-old in the rear seat of the police car, Craig said. The officer got in the back and held her. The way it was described to me, she still had somewhat of a pulse.

Dejiza Coleman’s sister, Mckayla Coleman is considered one of two suspects. However, she posted on Facebook that she had nothing to do with her sister’s death.While there have been reports that Mckayla was arrested, she stated on FB that she was not in jail.

More Violence Occurs As Police Look For Suspects In The Death Of 5 Year-Old Isabella:

On Friday morning, Detroit Police Officers arrived to a home in search of the people they believe killed a 5 year-old and shot her mother. Chief Craig stated that the home was very dark and officers believed that the situation was dangerous.

It was very dark; the porch lights were out, Craig said. He said officers used a “flash bang” grenade before entering the house.

Witnesses shared that the police never announced their arrival and people inside the home were reportedly alarmed. Father of 2, Detric Driver, was sleeping on the couch when police sent a Special Response Team to execute a search warrant at the home breaking down the door and using a flash bang.  Detric Driver is the brother of Daryl Driver, the stepfather of Dejiza and step-grandfather to Isabella. According to The Detroit News, Detric Driver was allegedly armed with an AR-15 pistol-grip semi-automatic when officers entered the home. The officer fired several shots, killing Detric Driver who had nothing to do with the shooting.  They killed my brother. That’s what happened.

The police killed my brother, Daryl Driver said to WXYZ

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