14-Year-Old Teen Charged With The Rape And Murder Of An 83-Year-Old Woman

This is very sad and disturbing to report. Baltimore teen Tyrone Harvin has been charged with rape and murder at the young age of 14. Instead of being charged as a juvenile, Harvin will be charged as an adult.

Beloved Church Woman Was Found Beaten In Her Home:

Dorothy Mae Neal, 83, lived in Baltimore but she had no family there. Neal’s family lived in Alabama but she had a church family with 11th Hour Ministries. She was a faithful member and even served as a missionary.

She had a giving spirit. I can’t understand why anybody would want to hurt her, Rev. Dianna Roy said to the Baltimore Sun. 

However, someone did hurt Neal and it was an unlikely suspect who took her life.

Neal was an independent woman that was known in her neighborhood. A kind spirit, Neal was well thought of among her neighbors. When one of her neighbors hadn’t heard from her, she grew concerned and notified the police. On August 29th, Neal was found in her apartment by the police. She was unresponsive and it appeared as if someone sexually assaulted her. Neal was taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center where she died the next day from apparent blunt force trauma. According to the Baltimore Sun, police determined that there were no signs of forced entry into her basement apartment.

Investigators were anxious to catch Neal’s killer. The Baltimore Sun shared that officers used physical evidence from the scene to determine the suspect. Officers were in disbelief.

Officers Arrested A 14-Year Old Boy For The Murder And Rape Of An 83 Year-Old Woman:

Baltimore police officers found physical evidence from Neal’s apartment that connected 14 year-old Tyrone Harvin to the killing. Harvin lived a block away from Neal and police believe that he may have been doing chores for Neal. While police officers believe that Harvin may be responsible for Neal’s death, his mother believes that he’s innocent.

I’m hurting because I know my son wouldn’t do nothing like this. I know my son, she said to the Baltimore Sun, wiping away tears. My son didn’t do it.

Via Baltimore Sun:

On Friday, Harvin, who turned 14 last month, was arrested in the killing of Dorothy Mae Neal, 83. Harvin is accused of raping and then physically assaulting Neal, who police say died as a result of her injuries.

Almost 70 years separate our victim and suspect, police spokesman T.J. Smith said at a news conference Friday. It’s sad all the way around. There’s some systematic failure in the 14-year-old’s life to allow us to be here talking about him being accused of murder and rape. It’s just a very tragic situation all the way around.

Tyrone Harvin is being charged as an adult with premeditated murder, aggravated rape, sexual assault and violence. Smith said police thought the suspect might be young, but not as young as Harvin. Smith said he thought it was a typo when he read the charging documents. In speaking with the media, Smith confirmed Harvin is the youngest person charged with murder in Baltimore this year, and he is likely the youngest to face such charges in several years.

The neighbor who called police told The Baltimore Sun on Friday that she was relieved police had made an arrest. The neighbor did not want her name published out of concerns for her safety.

I’m glad they caught him, she said. She’s in a better place.

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