The Hospital Sent Her Home With Contractions, So The Passengers On Her Bus Journey Became Her Medical Team

Women know their bodies. Michelle Agyei is no different.

The eight-month-pregnant Minnesota woman had gone to hospital the day before when she felt contractions. As her child was due on September 8 she was sent home. Doctors told her she was experiencing false labor pains.

The 29-year-old, who already has a three-year-old son, admits ‘something told her to get off the bus and go back.’ But instead Agyei went to work at a manufacturing plant as normal the following morning. It wasn’t until she rode the bus on her way back home that she genuinely thought she was ‘going to die.’

Michelle was in labor on the bus.

The Bus Passengers Delivered Her Baby

It went down on the Route 87 in Minnesota. Michelle tried in vain to hide her labor pain from the six passengers on the bus. But they soon realized she was distressed and alerted the driver to call 911.

‘I was scared,’ she told Star Tribune. ‘I thought I was going to die. I didn’t want to die. We were all scared. We didn’t know what to do.’ As first responders raced to the scene, Michelle’s baby was ready to come into the world. After just two minutes of contractions, her infant son arrived.

Passenger Jane Mulcahy told the Star Tribune how another bus rider had to position himself to grab the baby: ‘He just had to catch this baby. It was very impressive of him to do this. He was amazing.’ Mulcahy then used her shoelace to tie the umbilical cord. Mother and baby were then taken to nearby St Paul Hospital.

The company that operates the bus say they are happy Michelle and her son are doing well.

‘On behalf of Schmitty & Sons, we want to extend congratulations to the mother and family,’ the company said in a statement to WCCO-TV. ‘We would also like to thank the passengers that were on-board the bus for helping as well as the driver, dispatch team and the first responders. We are thankful for the positive outcome and wish the best to mom and baby.’

She’s Thankful To The Passengers

Michelle can’t thank the strangers who helped deliver her brand new baby boy, Andrew.

‘Without them, I didn’t know what to do,’ she added. ‘I didn’t know it could happen so fast. I was freaking out. It was surreal.’

Little baby Andrew weighs 6 pounds 9 ounces. Mother and baby are doing well. 

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