25 Year-Old Man Gets Sentenced For Fatal Shooting Of 17 Year-Old High School Student

Kenneth “Kenny” Cutts Jr. was an 11th grader at Roseville High School and a star football player. In addition to playing football, Cutts Jr. was a pretty good basketball player. He was a talented young man with a promising future.

He really made tremendous progress, Principal Patrick Adams said to Macomb Daily. In fact, I just talked to his physical education teacher, Ray Cabaris, and Ray had just pulled him up in front of the class as someone who made great progress since ninth grade in terms of leadership skills and doing the right thing.

However, his life was cut short when he was killed over an argument that went totally wrong. Sadly, Cutts Jr. was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Friendly Basketball Turns Deadly After An Argument Ensued:

In April of 2017, Roseville High School and a star football player, Kenneth “Kenny” Cutts Jr. was playing basketball in his neighborhood. However, what began as a friendly game of basketball,  turned into a street fight. According to Click On Detroit, a day before Cutts Jr. was killed, shots were fired after a basketball game. Police were called but no one was arrested. Sources say that Cutts Jr. best friend, Cedric-Smith Cole, was involved in that altercation.

It was just guys and they were just fighting each other down there, said Lisa Chapman to Click On Detroit, who is fed up with the fighting and gunfire.

On April 24, 2017, Cutts Jr. was meeting up with his best friend, Cole, on Monday when the same men from the fight rolled up and started shooting. Cutts Jr. was hit in the neck.

I pulled him in the house and grabbed the towels but there was too much blood, Cole said. I was holding his hand, Cole shared. I told him, ‘If you die bro, I love you.’ Then I squeezed his hand and then he died.

While Cole shared that he died at home, media reports are stating that Cutts Jr. died at St. John hospital. Larry Londra Walker, 25, of Warren,  was arrested and charged with the murder of Cutts Jr. who wasn’t even the intended target.

Man Gets Sentenced For Fatal Shooting Of High School Student:

According to Click On Detroit, Larry Londra Walker maintained that the shooting was an accident after the victim allegedly grabbed him. Walker stated that he then pulled his gun out and he went off. However, the judge wasn’t buying that as he believed that Walker intentionally opened fire.

Judge Joseph Toia, listened to Walker try to explain how the shooting was an accident and he responded with the following:

Mr. Walker, all I can say is that you took the life of a promising young man.

Toia continued, It was the most senseless thing I could even think of. You had every opportunity to turn around and walk away and you continued to go forward regardless of what version of the facts you want to talk about. You went forward and you pulled that gun out, and you killed that young man, Mr. Walker.

Walker continued to maintain that it was an accident, but the judge didn’t agree.

I’m not gonna give you credit because you got a bad aim, Sir. You shot him in the back of the head, the judge said.

Walker  was sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Walker pleaded guilty to a possession of cocaine charge from 2016. He is expected back in court on Sept. 5 for sentencing on the drug possession charge. Walker apologized to the family of Cutts Jr. but they didn’t want it.

Kiara Cutts, sister of Kenneth Cutts Jr., spoke at the sentencing of her brother’s murder trial. (Facebook)

Kenneth Cutts’ sister, Kiara, stated the following at Walker’s sentencing trial:

You’re a disappointment to your family, to society, to your children, she said to Walker. No, I don’t want your sympathy because you’re not sorry. Because if you were you would truly told the truth, and you would have pled guilty. I hope your nights continue to be restless.

Cutts Jr.’s death was mourned by many students and staff at his high school. Our prayers and condolences are with his family.

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