Tragedy As Sixteen-Year-Old Boy ‘Stabs His Sister And Her Police Officer Husband To Death’

He was her beloved brother who she had recently taken into her care. 

But Akia Molina, 28, was brutally betrayed by her 16-year-old brother, Michael Barber, after her allegedly killed her.

He also reportedly took the life of her Georgia police officer husband, Luis Molina, 53.

Investigators say the teen stabbed them both to death.

Luis Tried To Call For Help


The shocking murders happened at around 6am Monday in Palmetto Cove on Wilmington Island. Authorities believe that Luis drove into his upscale neighborhood, arrived home, and tragically saw his wife lying dead.

He then ran out of the house to get help, but was chased and killed. The officer was found dead on a neighbor’s property.

Luis’ wife’s 16-year-old brother, Michael Barber, has been charged as an adult for two felony counts of murder. The teen was booked into the Savannah Regional Youth Detention Center Monday afternoon. The murders were a culmination of weeks violent incidents, according to Police Chief Jeff Hadley.

‘We had responded to that home in the last several weeks, it was some type of domestic situation.’ Chief Hadley said. ‘We believe the suspect was the brother of the female. This happened at six-in-the-morning which is unusual for this type of crime.’

Neighborhood residents told WTOC that Barber had only recently moved into the couple’s home.

‘A Tough Day In Chatham County’

‘It’s a tough day in Chatham County for law enforcement, for sure,’ Chief Hadley added in a press conference.

In a statement the Savannah Police Department said: ‘We are saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of a Savannah police officer and his wife.’ 

‘His family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers. Savannah PD is continuing to work with and cooperate with the ongoing investigation into this incident by Chatham County Police Department.’ 

As Luis Molina was an officer in the county, his body was taken away in a motorcade. A special investigation will also be conducted into his death.

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