Meet The South African Lady Who Is Among The Few Women Pilots To Fly A Boeing 777

9/10 when you take to the friendly skies a man is at the helm of the cockpit.

There are very few female pilots, let alone black female pilots. Noni Radebe is one of a select few flying a Boeing 777.

The South African commercial airline pilot is a British Airways first officer. The first officer is second-in-command to the aircraft captain.

Radebe’s love affair with aviation was came about at a young age.

“I always had an interest in flying aeroplanes,” she said. “But my curiosity grew when I listened to a pilot speaking on radio about his career … that is when I really started researching about it.”

She Became Enthralled By Aviation


Radebe became determined to become a pilot after finishing high school.

“I started studying towards becoming a pilot straight after matric (South African for high school) and I am still amazed. When I started reading more about aviation and careers in the airline industry, there was just no other option.”

“I had already applied for studies in the financial/accounting field, but I soon realised after doing some job shadowing that it was not for me. That is when I started entertaining the idea of my then fantasy of being a pilot flying high in the sky,” told The Citizen. 

“And with confidence, I can say that the fantasy is now reality.”

“There Is No Dream Beyond Your Reach”


Now Radebe has became one of South Africa’s few female commercial airline pilots.

She firmly believes that she reached the amazing feat through hard work and persistence.

“There is no dream that is beyond your reach. Learning to be a professional pilot takes a lot of time and dedication. Give it your best shot and remember to enjoy it always.”

 “When Captain Sean Pepper called to say I got the job, I remember thinking: the dream was not so far-fetched, because now I am flying Boeings.”

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