Brock Turner Loses ‘Outercourse’ Appeal, Remains Registered Sex Offender For Life

GREENE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA — This is crazy. They actually tried to say sex offender Brock Turner had other intentions for his victim, having engaged in “outercourse.”

According to Buzzfeed News, a lawyer pleading the case for Brock Turner says he didn’t intend to rape the unconscious woman at the time of the incident.


Well, because he only engaged in “sexual outercourse” with her, the lawyer further exacerbates.

NOTE: Just in case you don’t exactly remember who’s Brock Turner, he’s the former Stanford University student who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, at a 2015 frat party. The judge at the time, Aaron Persky, said he didn’t want Turner’s future to be ruined…so he only sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment (only 3 of which he served before getting out) — and after being convicted of sexual assault with intent to commit rape, sexual penetration of an intoxicated person, and sexual penetration of an unconscious person. Thankfully, Persky was recalled and lost his bench.

Nevertheless, attorney Eric Multhaup still appealed Turner’s conviction — one that only required him to register as a sex offender for life. According to the source, Multhaup argued there wasn’t enough evidence to convict their client and claimed he was only guilty of “outercourse” since his pants remained on during the assault.

However, as a show of common sense, the California Court of Appeals didn’t buy it and denied the lawyer’s attempt at sure buffoonery.

Again, the attorney suggests that Turner only engaged in the aforementioned act with the 21-year-old victim — identified as Emily Doe — and didn’t demonstrate an intent to commit rape.

NOTE: Let’s just say — for fun — that sexual “outercourse” was a legit thing. Essentially, it’s “humping.” So, EVEN IF “outercourse” was his case, if the victim didn’t consent to it, it’s still sexual assault and attempted raped.

According to Multhaup though, he described outercourse as a “version of safe sex” that doesn’t involve penis contact and is fully-clothed.

Again, “safe sex” is sex, is it not? And non-consensual sex is rape, correct? Turner’s lawyer even said the convicted sex offender engaged in “aggressive thrusting” regarding his victim.

Associate Justice Franklin Elia, one of the judges during the appeal hearing, countered Multhaup with a Supreme Court ruling that said the defendant’s exposure of himself wasn’t required to prove his intent to rape.

Two eyewitnesses even saw Turner’s acts as they were heading to the party. They said the victim wasn’t moving at all.

“What the f**k are you doing? She’s unconscious,” one of the graduate students yelled, as mentions the report.

That’s when Turner tried to escape, and another graduate student tackled him. They held him until campus police arrived.

Buzzfeed News reports as follows.

“Other evidence included statements from paramedics, who found the victim unconscious, as well as hospital staff who reviewed abrasions on her body and her blood alcohol content. Turner also admitted to a detective that he had undressed her and penetrated her — though he claimed she was able to consent. The fact that Turner’s pants remained on also didn’t mean he wasn’t planning on raping the victim, the appeals court ruled.”

“While it is true that defendant did not expose himself, he was interrupted,” the court said. “Jurors reasonably could have inferred from the evidence described above that, if the graduate students had not stopped defendant, he would have exposed himself and raped [the victim].”

Again, bringing the conviction back to the original charge: sexual assault with the INTENT to commit rape. As in, had the witnesses not come along, he might have actually penetrated her.

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[Featured Photo via Greene County Sheriff’s Office]

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