Adorable 3 Year-Old Ejected And Killed In A Horrible Car Crash, Cops Arrest Mom

The community of Detroit is mourning the loss of a 3 year-old boy that was killed in a car crash on Thursday night.

3-Year-Old Killed In Vehicle Crash On Detroit’s East Side:

In Detroit, MI., a 27 year-old mother was speeding down the street in a Dodge burgundy minivan. Video footage showed the mother driving at a high speed as she sped past a police officer and ran a red light. According to WXYZ, the driver of the van went through an intersection and collided with another driver, who suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash. While the mother of the vehicle suffered no injuries, her 3 year-old son wasn’t as lucky.

Sources say that the woman pictured is the 27 year-old mother of the 3 year-old that was killed in a car crash. (Facebook)

Police shared that 3 year-old Mike was allegedly in a car seat when he was ejected from the vehicle. He was reportedly in the rear of the vehicle when his mother allegedly crashed into another car. The 3-year-old was transported, by police, to the hospital and died from his injuries. An infant inside the minivan was restrained in a car seat and is believed to be okay. Police arrested the mother at the scene after she was suspected of driving under the influence. Family members shared that the mother was having some problems and that she was trying to get help. She apparently had been taking medication.

Watch News Footage On This Story Below:

Sadly, this is not the first time that a child has lost their life due to an intoxicated parent. DeSandra Thomas was an adorable 7 year-old girl, who was spending time with her dad when they were involved in an accident. Believing that her dad was hurt, DeSandra tried to get some help. While trying to help her dad survive, Thomas lost her life when she was hit by a car.

7-Year-Old Hit And Killed As She Was Trying To Help Her Dad:

DeSandra Thomas was in the car with her father in Romulus, Michigan. It’s unclear where they were headed at that time of the morning, but the father and daughter were traveling along the freeway. According to Fox 2 News, police officers believed that DeSandra’s dad was drunk. As he was driving along the freeway, he reportedly crashed into an abandoned vehicle. Little DeSandra believed that her father was dead and she was trying to get him some help. Someone had taught her to call 911 if someone is hurt and that’s what she tried to do.

Michigan State police officer, Lt. Mike Shaw, told Fox 2 News that DeSandra discovered that her dad was unconscious behind the wheel, after hitting the abandoned car. In an effort to save him, DeSandra did what she thought was right and she texted 911 to dispatchers as she was unable to call them. Police officers were trying to find DeSandra and her dad, but they had trouble locating them. Tragically, police officers received another call from an unknown woman informing police officers that she had hit someone. The woman had hit DeSandra. DeSandra was trying to get help for her father when she attempted to cross the freeway and was hit by an oncoming driver.

May both DeSandra Thomas and little Mike rest peacefully.

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