Teen Reportedly Murdered Her Parents But Her Family Shared That She’s The Victim

Daejona Holmes faces two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of armed criminal action, and tampering with physical evidence. At 15 years old, Daejona has been accused of murdering her mother and father. Before allegedly murdering her parents, Daejona allegedly searched scary movies where children killed their parents. Now, her uncle is speaking out about her childhood to provide insight on why she possibly murdered her parents.

Missouri Teen Arrested For Murdering Her Mother And Father:

On April 9th, Missouri teen Daejona Holmes called 911 and said her family’s home had been robbed and her parents shot. Police found Kinderly Holmes, 37, and Brian Starr, 38, both shot to death inside their home.Initially, police officers believed that Daejona’s parents were the victims of a robbery but soon the story changed.

After meeting with the police, Daejona shared that she heard her parents arguing and then she heard the sounds of gunfire. Scared, Daejona claims she went upstairs but said nothing to her father. She reportedly discovered her mother dead in her bedroom. That’s when Daejona revealed to officers that she picked up a gun and shot her father before running downstairs. Daejona claims she threw the gun in a yard as she ran out the house afraid.

Witness Told Police Officers That Daejona Holmes Talked To Him The Night Her Parents Were Killed:

According to Fox 4 KC , a witness came forward and shared with police officers that he spoke with Daejona Holmes the night her parents were murdered. The witness and Holmes met at a McDonald’s because Daejona asked him for help. While they were meeting, Daejona allegedly revealed to her friend that her parents were dead. Her friend then convinced Daejona into calling 9-1-1 as she had not called. Daejona reportedly made nine phone calls with her mother’s phone following the shooting and waited an hour to call 9-1-1.

Daejona Holmes Didn’t Call For Help Right Away After Her Parent’s Death:

In the first police interview, Daejona Holmes told officers she ran out the home after murdering her parents. However, in a second interview, officers learned that she returned to the home after the shootings. She returned home to change clothes and to retrieve her cell phone along with her mother’s phone. Daejona also told officers that he moved her dad’s body closer to the door. Because she moved her father’s body, Daejona has been charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Coroners determined that Holmes died from a single gunshot to the stomach and Starr had been shot once in the mouth and twice in the torso. While Daejona is facing murder charges for allegedly murdering her parents, her uncle is speaking out in her defense as he claims that she is the victim.

Family Says Daejona Holmes Is Really The Victim:

LJ Brackson is the uncle of Daejona Holmes.

LJ Brackson is the uncle of Daejona Holmes and he’s speaking out in her defense. Brackson is speaking out as he feels like his niece is being painted as a criminal mastermind. Fox 4 KC reported that investigators got a search warrant and looked at Holmes’ phone. They reportedly found web searches, rap lyrics, and a video of Holmes holding a gun and dancing in her bedroom. In addition, they also found a hand-drawn stick figure illustration where one labelled “me” was pointing a gun at another labelled “dad.” A third illustration had a stick figure with X’s for eyes and blood around it.

Brackson claims that his niece and his sister-in-law, Daejona’s mother Kinderly Holmes, were being abused by Starr. The police were notified and Brackson claims that Daejona should have been removed from the home.

I personally hotlined him, knowing that abuse was taking place, Brackson said to Fox 4 KC. And my wife and I were prepared for any ramifications if she were removed from the home. We were prepared to take care of her and raise her. Now my sister-in-law is dead, who was also a victim of the abuse, and now my niece is being charged with her and her father`s murders. That`s gut-wrenching. So to see now that she`s being portrayed as some criminal mastermind or whatever they`re trying to make her out to be, it`s kind of appalling to me, Brackson said.

Family Members Insist That Daejona Was A Scared Child Who Is Not A Violent Killer:

Brackson wants people to know that his niece is not a killer. He shared with reporters that she served as a babysitter for his children and had no behavior problems in school. Brackson feels like his niece is the victim and that if police along with the state’s Family Support Division protected Daejona, none of this would’ve happened.

The system’s more than failed her. You can consider them not taking her out of the house as failing her. But now, my niece is an orphan. They`re re-victimizing her, Brackson said to Fox 4 KC.

Right now, Daejona Holmes is being held on a $150,000 bond in the Jackson County jail, awaiting her day in court. Her family is praying that she is not tried as an adult and that the court takes into consideration her home life.

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