Three Teen Baby Sitters Caught On Snapchat Torturing One-Year-Old Baby Girl With A TASER

A truly horrific and disturbing video has led to the arrests of three teens.

The three teenage girls from Arkansas are accused of torturing a baby girl – even heartlessly using a stun gun on her. Showing no mercy, they bullied and laughed at the one-year-old as she cried her little eyes out.

The females filmed the incident and posted the unbelievable clip of cruelty to Snapchat.

‘They Laughed Hysterically’


Elyssa Watkins is the mom of one-year-old Carrigan who was senselessly beaten in the video. Watkins soon found out about the sick Snapchat video. Watkins quickly took her daughter to the Conway Regional Medical Center to get checked out. The mom-of-one reported the child abuse and police were called.

The distraught mom showed an officer the Snapchat video that showed the teenage girls ‘laughing hysterically’ while taunting her baby with a Taser. One of them even laughed as they brutally hit baby Carrigan across the head. The disturbing footage was accompanied by the caption, ‘I’m dying’ with a crying and laughing emoji.’

Watkins told police she trusted the trio of girls to look after her daughter and was heartbroken to see the video.

‘Didn’t think they’d do that. Why would you do that to a one-year-old [who is] helpless, can’t talk, can’t tell you what’s wrong,’ the emotional mother told station KATV. According to Fox 16, Watkins said on used that the baby sitters deserve to go to jail. There she hopes the receive counselling for the awful abuse of her child.

Thankfully Baby Carrigan suffered no injuries as a result of the incident. But for Watkins and her husband, Trence Woods, the emergence of the video comes at an already difficult time. 

Woods 18-year-old daughter was killed a in car crash earlier this year. 

They Showed Little Remorse

It didn’t take long for the police to track down all three teens on the video.

They were arrested and charged in the first-degree endangering the welfare of a child. They are being held at the Faulkner County Juvenile Detention Center pending their initial court appearance.

But according to an incident report, the teens showed little remorse. In fact one of the mothers of the teens claimed that her daughter caused no harm to Carrigan and was simply filming it. 

But the arresting officer told the woman her daughter ‘could be seen and heard provoking the violence against the baby.’

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