Father Kidnaps His One-Year-Old Daughter In Deadly Massacre

When a one-year-old dies it’s heartbreakingly cruel. But when the person who takes that life is your own father – it’s despicably evil.

23-year-old Lavonta Lloyd shot and killed his one-year-old daughter Kamaya on Thursday. The Mississippi man then turned the trigger onto himself. Officials say Lloyd kidnapped the little girl, ran from police, and then shot Kamaya and himself on a Mississippi Delta highway.

Holmes County Sheriff Willie March told The Associated Press that it was the third day Lloyd had taken his daughter without permission.

The first time was from Kamaya’s daycare. ‘It’s a terrible situation,’ March said. 

She Filed A Domestic Dispute


Lloyd first took his daughter Kamaya Lloyd from a day care on Monday. But Kamaya was returned to her mother Kimberley later that evening.

The next day deputies Lloyd turned up unannounced at Kimberly’s home. He was chased by cops, but escaped into a cornfield. Kamaya’s mom, Kimberly Outlaw, filed a domestic violence petition Monday against Lloyd in Holmes County Chancery Court. 

But a judge didn’t hear the case before Lloyd took the life of himself and his daughter. 

Then on Thursday, Outlaw’s mother called police to say Lloyd was holding Outlaw at gunpoint. Authorities came across a ghastly scene near Moorhead, in Sunflower County, after breaking into Lloyd’s truck.

‘The baby was on top of him and had been shot,’ Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks, told The Greenwood Commonwealth.

Police records show Lloyd was arrested twice in Jackson on domestic violence charges in 2016 and 2017.

She Wrote A Heartbreaking Post On Facebook

Kamaya’s mother Kimberly broke her silence yesterday on Facebook, writing in part:

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The one person that was supposed to love and help protect my baby is the one person that took my baby away from me!! Ya’ll wanna speak on mental health when I’ve been mentally drained fort he longest time putting up with stuff I didn’t have to while begging him to get the help he needed because I didn’t want his mental health to affect anyone else and it cost me my baby!!

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