Why we’re worried about Cardi B’s baby

As if the golf cart incident wasn’t bad enough, the “I Like It” artist was involved in yet another potentially dangerous situation. This time, it all went down while she was leaving a Fendi store in Las Vegas.

According to The Blast, the rapper ignored a group of fans when they asked to take a picture. The disgruntled troop reportedly began to yell, “F**k Cardi, you ain’t s**t!” And, naturally, it really ticked her off.

In the captured footage, things started off as a loud conversation and later escalated, resulting in Cardi B being locked inside of the luxury boutique in order to escape a violent confrontation. In the video, Cardi B was held back by a bodyguard, while uniformed personnel secured the doors to keep the hostile fans at bay.

Cardi B was very pregnant at the time of this incident, and things could’ve resulted in her and her baby being gravely injured. 

We really want the best for her child, so here’s to Cardi B staying far away from harm’s way for the remainder of her pregnancy.

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