What these Harry Potter stars are doing today

Puberty does wonders, doesn’t it? In 2015, Matthew Lewis shocked the masses when he debuted a smoldering six pack on the May cover of Attitude Magazine. He looked so far removed from the timid, chubby character that made him famous that BuzzFeed coined the term “Neville Longbottoming” to mean when some nerdy kid gets really, really hot.

For Lewis, his transformation wasn’t the result of a beauty spell. He hired a personal trainer who helped him cut out carbs, sugar, and alcohol, but his transformation began long before he left Hogwarts. Lewis started losing so much weight during the series that he had to wear a fat suit while filming the final chapters. 

“As Neville grew throughout the books, so did I. My evolution as Matthew Lewis really coincided with Neville,” he said during a 2017 panel (via People).

Neville may have achieved peak hotness (and peak bravery after destroying the horcrux), but he also got his fairytale ending. In May 2018, Lewis wed his longtime girlfriend, American Angela Jones, in a gorgeous Italian ceremony and announced the news on Instagram. He was met with praise from fellow Hogwarts alum Katie Leung (Cho Chang), who wrote, “Aw Big congrats and love Matt. Xxxx.”

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