Celebs who quietly live in small town America

When he isn’t romancing one gorgeous celebrity after another (he’s dated Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Simpson, among many others), John Mayer is taking the stage or committing to record his personal brand of music — sensitive singer-songwriter soft-rock piped directly to those “listen at work” stations. But when he isn’t carousing his way through Hollywood or being a professional “guy at the party with an acoustic guitar,” Mayer is chilling and finding inspiration back at his Montana homestead.

In early 2012, Mayer moved to a big chunk of land in Paradise Valley, Mont. His stone-and-log cabin may sit on 15 cottonwood-covered acres, but he doesn’t exactly live the existence of a monk. Mayer’s home is equipped with a recording studio, a private gym, and a driveway big enough in which to park his multiple Land Rovers (via Men’s Journal).

“I know it kind of seems like I got the place just so I could say I have a place,” Mayer told Men’s Journal. “But really, it’s pure of heart. It’s not like I read a rock bio and went, ‘Oh, Neil Young, Broken Arrow Ranch.’ It just feels like a really original, organic choice.” That said, he loves Paradise Valley — and his home there — so much that he named his sixth album after the place. 

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