Queen Naija Lets The Universe Run Its Course In ‘Karma’

New Music: Queen Naija Lets The Universe Run Its Course In ‘Karma’

Youtube vlogger turned R&B crooner Queen Naija just released her highly anticipated single, Karma.

Queen is known for creating entertaining videos with her then-husband and YouTube channel co-star Chris Sails. Together they garnered a total of 2.2 million subscribers. All of who sadly watched her divorce play out via social media due to infidelity.

Instead of being down about the situation she turned her heartbreak into a hit. Her debut single, Medicine hit the Hot 100 chart at #45. She later announced that she signed a record deal with Capital Records.


First of all, I want to give ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR TO JESUS!!! And I TRULY wouldn’t have been able to do this WITHOUT ROYALTY SQUAD!!! Y’all got me here, TO THIS POINT. And I promise I will not let y’all down… I promise to make good music that will touch souls and encourage people and lead them in the right direction, I promise to always be ME, I promise to never let anyone or anything change me, I promise to take y’all through every moment, I PROMISE TO STAY HUMBLE!!!! I know that God gave me this voice for a purpose, and I know I went through hell and the struggle so I can be able to make music that y’all can relate to…I don’t regret a thing, this is my journey, this is my destiny, and my testimony !! GOD IS REAL. I love you all so much !!! I thank my Mom for naming me the right name because she knew i was gonna be a star, and I thank God for placing @clarencenyc into my life, because without meeting him, I wouldn’t have met his sister who would bring me to all those meetings to get me where I am today! And I love HIM FOR THAT! I LOVE HER FOR THAT & I love my TEAM (@moddagod too) MY FAMILY ABOUT TO EAT!!!It’s about to be a long fun ride, I LOVE YOU ALL❤ @capitolrecords

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While working on her EP, Queen gifted her fans with another song. The Michigan native took the opportunity to pour her feelings about her past relationship into the record:

“It was like yesterday when we were homeless. Got you some bread and started treating me bogus. Talking bout you wanted something new. Like I wasn’t good enough for you. Guess you done caught yourself a case of amnesia. Maybe you should take a look in your rearview, cause obviously you forgot all the times I held you when you cried, and don’t you remember even when you was in the wrong I stood by your side.” 

It was just announced that Karma made it to #1 on the R&B iTunes charts. With such a solid fan base prior to her record deal, it’s obvious that Queen has the potential to become one of the biggest R&B singers of this generation.

Listen to the full song below:

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