Joel Embiid Told How He Made A Teammate Furious Playing Video Games

Hot Ones on YouTube

Joel Embiid is a competitive person when it comes to pretty much everything. Even when he’s not on the NBA court, he’s willing to bounce a basketball off a pickup player and throw down a windmill dunk just to prove a point.

Embiid’s competitive streak carries over into things off the court, too. For example, the Philadelphia 76ers big went on the YouTube show Hot Ones, wherein guests eat extremely spicy chicken wings and answer questions. Embiid was there to promote his appearance on the cover of NBA Live 19, and he was jovial about the whole experience of eating some brutal heat.

In fact, he refused to drink milk or water during the taping and claimed multiple times that “it’s nothing” when asked about the wing’s heat. But unlike Shaq’s refrain when he tried the ‘One Chip Challenge,’ Embiid was serious. He was also serious about his trash talk.

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