Former child stars who made it in Hollywood as adults

Kids of the early aughts will always remember Hilary Duff as Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. The sitcom star was a middle school style icon with more platform sneakers and butterfly clipped up-dos than all of the Spice Girls combined, but, by the time Lizzie McGuire ended in 2004, Duff really wanted out.

She told Parade, “I was ready to not be Lizzie McGuire anymore. I thought, I’ve got to be different than this.”

Duff already had some movie experience with Cheaper by the Dozen and Agent Cody Banks, so it seemed like a natural move to pursue a career on the silver screen. Unfortunately, A Cinderella Story, which starred everyone’s high school crush Chad Michael Murray, failed to help Duff transition into adult roles. Instead, she threw herself into music and released a series of albums (including the iconic theme song for MTV’s Laguna Beach that’s now stuck in your head).

Since then, Duff has managed to find her way back to Hollywood after becoming a single mother. In 2015, she released her fifth studio album, Breathe In. Breathe Out, and debuted a brand new TV series called Younger, which was created by Sex and the City life-force Darren Star.

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