Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, And Conan Team On ‘Late Show’ For Trump

It seems official that President Trump has made enemies of every network late-night host at this point, except for maybe Conan over at TBS. Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have targeted the president since well before the 2016 election, but Jimmy Fallon is new to the club. His recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter drew the gaze of Trump earlier this week, prompting the president to take to Twitter and criticize The Tonight Show host. Fallon responded in a non-confrontational way, but it didn’t stop Trump from bringing him and the rest of his late night enemies up at a rally in South Carolina.

All of this pales to the actual news of the day, but it does give Colbert, Fallon, and cable’s Conan O’Brien a chance to join together in mockery to open up Tuesday’s Late Show — an identical cold open played ahead of The Tonight Show to drive home the cross-network team-up. Jimmy Kimmel is out this week and hasn’t made a peep on social media, which you can’t blame the guy considering the year he’s had. But Fallon and Colbert do a lot of the heavy lifting here, while Conan plays the dullard who is unaware Trump is even president. He’s also shaving his chest, which you’d be able to see if it weren’t for his blinding pale skin.

Both Colbert and Fallon put down their late-night competition, referring to each other as “lowlife” and “lost soul” in reference to the president’s comments before agreeing to go eat at The Red Hen — hopefully the correct one.

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