The untold truth of American Chopper’s Paul Teutul Sr.

As his TV fame grew, Paul Teutal Sr. decided to use the Orange County Choppers’ name to get into the restaurant business. According to a May 2010 announcement in Business Wire, the project included opening a “full-service restaurant, bar, microbrewery, gaming, hospitality, retail and entertainment experience” in Newburgh, N.Y., near Senior’s home and garage. That was the vision, but the reality left a bitter taste in some investors’ mouths.

Page Six reported that by March 2018, the motorcycle aficionado owed New York state more than $22,000 in tax money for the Orange County Choppers Cafe. Originally unveiled as Orange County Choppers Roadhouse, the venture was problematic from the get-go. According to the Miami Herald, more than a dozen investors, “most of them Venezuelans, alleged that they were hoodwinked into investing $12 to $15 million on a business project” that was allegedly hawked simultaneously to multiple groups of investors. Some investors claimed the deal was part of a Ponzi scheme that included issuing “shares in paper companies that had no value at all.” The business also changed names multiple types — a move that smelled fishy to some.

To date, Teutal has remained mum about the whole debacle, and the cafe is still open for business.

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