Teyana Taylor Drops Fifth Kanye West-Produced Album, ‘KTSE’

So… Kanye West is one — maybe two — for four throughout this recent G.O.O.D. Friday series.

Pusha T knocked it out of the park with DAYTONA. Then… we were hit with a “meh” ye album, an “okay” Kids See Ghosts album, and a midburger NASIR album.

Now, the last of the five weekly releases — from longtime G.O.O.D. Music signee Teyana Taylor — is prepping to release her West-produced second album, KTSE (Keep That Same Energy). Like its predecessors, the project comes in at seven tracks, and it will likely come late like every other project except DAYTONA. Meanwhile, this popped up on the timeline…

… so chances are, the project will arrive between now and November 14th.

Also like the others, Teyana is holding a live-stream of the event which can be seen here. However, the stream is slated to start at 11pm PST/2am EST.

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