HBO Now July Highlights (Including ‘Justice League,’ ‘Sharp Objects’)

Warner Brothers

July is just around the corner and HBO Now is here for your chill days inside trying to beat the heat. Justice League will hit the streaming service, allowing diehard fans to enjoy the expansion of the DC Universe again. HBO originals Sharp Objects and Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind will also arrive to take Summer TV to the next level. Also, if you haven’t had time to catch the powerhouse Get Out yet, now’s your time before it leaves HBO Now at the end of the month.

Justice League

Following in the path of the smash hit Wonder Woman, Justice League worked to further deepen the DC characters and build the bonds that make this team so iconic. Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa are standouts as The Flash and Aquaman, leaving fans wanting to see more of their characters. If Warner Brothers can get out of its own way in the future, there is some good here. They just need to take what works and run with it.

Sharp Objects

There are few actors as underrated as Amy Adams, and having her take on material as meaty and dark as Sharp Objects is sure to be an acting tour-de-force. As a damaged woman returning home to help cover a murder case, Adams’ Camille has to reckon with her demons and psychologically traumatizing past in order to crack the case and overcome her family history. Add in Patricia Clarkson as her domineering mother, Sharp Objects is a summer must-see.

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

The world has been a little less bright since the passing of Robin Williams, and this new documentary seeks to take fans into the complicated and often tumultuous mind of a comedic genius. By highlighting his comedy and his mental health, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind seeks to paint a full picture of a man who brought so much joy to so many and left an indelible mark on comedy and Hollywood.

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