Celebs who got married within 6 months

In the early 1990s, actress Julia Roberts was lauded as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, which made her sudden marriage to country singer Lyle Lovett, who Entertainment Weekly dubbed “a pretty funny-looking man with hair like a haystack,” surprising to say the least. The magazine reported Roberts and Lovett met just three weeks before their June 27, 1993 wedding in Nobelsville, Ind., and gave their guests a mere 72-hours notice that the nuptials would be taking place. After the wedding, Roberts’ publicist told The Washington Post, “She is so happy … It was a small, moving, intimate ceremony,” and Lovett’s manager explained, “It happened rapidly, very rapidly … Lyle’s extremely excited. He couldn’t be happier.”

But the good times didn’t last. Roberts and Lovett announced their separation in March 1995 after 21 months of marriage, saying, “We remain close and in great support of each other” (via People). The celebs’ grueling work travel schedules allegedly kept them apart, and it was reported that the pair barely spent more than a week at a time together during their relationship.

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