Juelz Santana Can Only Tour If His Mom Comes With Him

Juelz Santana Can Only Tour If His Mom Comes With Him

Juelz Santana is currently facing weapons charges but is still allowed to tour under some particular circumstances. On Friday, a federal judge set parameters for Santana that he can perform at five shows of his 15-city tour as long as he wears his ankle bracelet and his mom chaperones. Additional modifications require that he drives instead of flies between cities, and that he and his mom don’t travel with other members from the tour. U.S. District Judge Michael Hammer said that Santana will visit court again next month to discuss “how things went,” and if he’s allowed to play additional shows, according to Page Six.

Juelz is facing up to 20 years in prison after an airport incident involving non-prescribed oxycodone and a firearm. He has currently been freed on $500,000 bail and living with his mother and brother.

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