Snapchat’s Snap Kit Aims To Be Part Of Your Other Apps


Snapchat is, seemingly, everywhere, despite feeling the full wrath of Rihanna. But, like any social network, the next natural step is to jump to your other apps. But unlike Facebook, which wants to hoard your data, Snapchat is taking a much different path to cramming Bitmoji into your apps.

Snapchat’s new suite of tools, called Snap Kit, has four pieces: One to put Bitmoji in apps, one to add Snapchat stories to app content and vice versa, one to use Snapchat to filter and tweak content in other apps, and one that uses your Snapchat login to get you into other apps. While Snapchat is talking up being able to use Bitmoji on Tinder and the like, it’s that last one that, in the minds of many, raises the most questions. Snapchat is working extremely hard to not be the next Facebook; third-party apps won’t have access to your Snapchat data, for example, Snapchat has no plans to collect any data from those apps, and it appears Snapchat is using OAuth or something like it, a common standard for logins across apps.

It’s also being careful as to who gets access to what. For now, apps have to be individually approved to use Snap Kit, in part to limit sketchy apps from attempting to break the rules. It also disconnects apps from your account after 90 days of not using the app. Whether that will be enough is an open question, but Snapchat fans may find using Bitmoji worth the risk.

(via Wired)

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